Skyrim DLC or Dishonored: Examining Bethesda's New Screen Closely

Techtorial: Two interesting theories popped out from Bethesda's photo drop earlier today. Let's take a closer look now, shall we?


Well guys, Bethesda confirmed this is Dishonored. You can now pre-order it today.

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MattyG2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

It does look like it could be Skyrim. Not in-game (obviously) but maybe something from a trailer. Looks almost like the visuals from the pre-rendered trailers for the vanilla game.

EDIT: Also, from what I've seen of Dishonored, there are alot more whites and reds. Not nessecarily bright colors, but not really any browns like this.

Drake1172429d ago

Can't wait for tomorrow lol. That def looks like a thalmor suit and an elf ear.

MattyG2429d ago

I think a DLC about the Thalmor would be pretty interesting. I liked the quest at the Thalmor embassy and after that I didn't see anymore of them (besides the guy at the Mages College) after that. And I've been playing for 80 hours, so I'm assuming that's all there is haha.

Skate-AK2429d ago

I think it's a CG trailer for Skyrim DLC.

Drake1172429d ago

God i hope so lol. But idk Bethesda game studios doesn't use CGI too often but this looks promising.

violents2428d ago

not skyrim, no way. Watch the "dishonored" teaser trailor and that is like the first thing you see is this guys face. And its an animated sequence not gameplay.