Shigeru Miyamoto Announces Pikmin for Wii U

Gamatsu: In an interview for "The World" Miyamoto confirmed that Pikmin for Wii will be new U at E3. The new Pikmin apparently will use high resolution graphics control...

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Godchild10202378d ago

Pikmin on the GameCube was awesome. I think I'll keep my eyes on this come E3.

dark-hollow2378d ago

i LOVE the pikmin series!
pikmin 2 is one of my favorite gamcecube titles besides metroid prime and the wind waker.

besides, pikmin 2 looked GORGEOUS on the gamecube, then imagine how good it will look on the wii u :O

Lucretia2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

more of the same old stuff huh.....figures. Good for the pikmin fans tho, seeing all of Nintendos franchises in HD will be nice. Just need some new IP's to go along with them.

hope its not like the wii where it took 5 years for nintendo to make an original IP themselves (Pandora)

meganick2378d ago

There have only been two Pikmin games, so it's not like it's been milked or anything. Plus Nintendo has said they'll focus on new IP's for Wii U and 3DS. We've already seen several new IP's from Nintendo on 3DS.

Lucretia2377d ago

Meganick....buddy....pal.....N intendo said (focus on new ip's) since....forever ago.

yes the GC gave us pikimin (for those who enjoy it) custom robo (horrible), Geist (Omg bad)

what i have noticed is when they try to make new ips they fail....but im not saying they dont make new ips, im saying they need to make new good ones.

and pikmin was re-released on wii, not that its milked. Just....New system should mean new games, but its too early to tell, we still have 6 months till release and know nothing. e3 better not dissapoint again is all im sayin

ronin4life2377d ago

Sakura Samurai, Dillon's rolling western, the 3 Wii rpgs, Golden sun, Kid Icarus.
... but whatever -_-;

dark-hollow2377d ago

you people seems to want new ips just for the hell of it!!

pikmin only had 2 games!!!

Lucretia2377d ago

dude there is nothing wrong with a new pikimin lol. you guys take things so wrong, I just want a new ip on par with mario zelda and metroid.

i personally dont like pikimin so the announcement does nothing for me.

ChickeyCantor2377d ago

"more of the same old stuff huh"

Thats what you said lucretia. Implying they don't do anything new.

This gen had games with 2 to 4 sequels( handheld + console). And you are complaining about a third installment of a solid game?

Khordchange2378d ago

Miyamoto just reveals whatever he wants to reveal doesn't he? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.