You Asked, Team Ninja Answered – Dead or Alive 5 May Have “New Fighting Systems”

"Way back in February, I had the opportunity to spend a short amount of time with five different Tecmo Koei games. Among the crowd was Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive 5. While I loved what I played (and communicated that), fans of the genre and the series wanted more from the preview. Thankfully, they were also willing to help fill in the gaps by providing a series of questions for the development team. We’ve just received the response from Team Ninja and are glad to be able to share them with you."

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tarbis2428d ago

September can't come soon enough. I'll be juggling between DOA and TTT2 on that month. Xd

Lucretia2428d ago

DOA! yeaah!!

thoo......thought it came out in october....maybe it is september. Hope its september!

Baka-akaB2428d ago

Didnt they already say september ? Either way with TTT2 coming in september , while interested a bit by the new doa system , it's over for me .

No chance i'd pick Doa5 over it , but if still interested i might pick it up in october .

Lucretia2428d ago

Hm, im personally not a fan of tekken. I played TTT2 back when the movie first came out. felt exactly the same as tekken 1-6 to me. I played all tekkens but tekken tag 1.

I mostly dont like how there is no combo breaker when its pretty easy to catch someone and kill them in one combo, and since it just takes 1 of your partners to die so you can makes it much worse.

im not sure why they made it that way either, such a bad design choice

Baka-akaB2428d ago

For starters, and from what i've seen in arcade a bit , the tekken tag 2 prologue provided with that crappy hybrid collection , aint even truly similar to the "end product" . Wich is why (and greed of course) it aint even called a demo , but a prologue game of its own .

Like just like Gran Turismo prologue and GT5 werent at all the same thing in the end .

And juggles combos are less an hassle and not as long as in say T6 , wich was way too exagerated in that regard .

CC-Tron2428d ago

I don't know if I read correctly but it seems Team Ninja are saying players can now counter hold moves now (meaning counter a counter). This is what the series needs because before every player was at the mercy of holds that could not be broken.