Wii U: "Nintendo will do just fine"

After reports that the Wii U might be less powerful than the current generation of consoles, and that its retail price might be $300 or more, GamesIndustry International decided to check in with analysts to see if this information has affected their outlook on the Wii U. One analyst, David Gibson of Macquarie Capital Securities, downgraded Nintendo's stock based on those reports and others. What do other analysts think?

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yea of course they will, always have always will strangely. they are nintendo

Ares84HU2379d ago

Not always. Have you heard about the Gamecube??

Crap_Turtle2379d ago


you mean the same gamecube that almost made as much profit as the ps2? Yeah thats successful............

It never saw a dime of debt

Boody-Bandit2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Rip, not always.
Remember the Virtual Boy?

I do. I remember trying it out at a gaming store a friend of mine owned. That thing gave me such a headache. I believe it was only on the market for one year. So I think it's safe to say that particular device from Nintendo didn't do just fine.

StanSmith2379d ago


Yes, even the Gamecube still made money for Nintendo. Just because it didn't sell as well as Xbox or PS3 doesn't mean it failed.

sikbeta2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Why you guys care so much about Nintendo profits!? who gives a crap about that, they should have fought for Marketshare instead of let the GC die, GC was great, it deserved more sales

Sony, MS, Nintendo can lose 1m or 10b for all I care, as long as they put great HW and SW in their consoles, I'll support them


true, but Nintendo is still here, pumping out games and consoles, that was my point.

dcbronco2378d ago

Poor Sikbeta,

Companies wish they could think like you. But reality kicks them in the nads and they realize they need to actually profit on the stuff they make. THQ just got kicked. Sony is getting kicked. Sega got kicked after the Dreamcast. Great games and profits need to go hand in hand. Unless a company can print it's own money. If not, you better be making a profit. Because without one, you won't be making great games for long.

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Khordchange2379d ago

It's got Pikmin 3, I'm already sold

mike1up2379d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo outlived everyone on this site.

PopRocks3592379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

They're older than most of our great grandfolks, so...

mamotte2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Those weren't reports. Those were RUMORS.

People with names that work for companies say is powerful.

morkendo232378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I dont care how POWERFUL or WEAK IT IS long as it has GAMES!!... and long as it dont only have FPS,MMO'S,3RD PERSON SHOOTER,MULTIPLAYER games im a happy camper.
i would trade in my ps3 to get away from ALL that crap.
I hope the wii-U have variety i mean SNES days of (Platformers,RPG,SIDESCROLLING ) games. not STUCK in FPS mode only.
thank GOD for the wii-U VARIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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