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PushStartSelect: "I’ve owned or at least had a good amount of time with a majority of the major handheld devices on the market. I’ve been to events to let the PR execs sell their gadget to everyone in attendance and so on. However it doesn’t matter how much the hardware blows me away, the one thing that annoys me 9 times out of 10 is useless apps that attempt to drain your money away. These “apps” are the reason I will never look at the Ipad as a gaming device, and is something I was hoping would stay away from the Vita. However it looks like the virus is coming…."

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Emilio_Estevez2379d ago

I saw that games detail last week and was worried about the same thing.

FriedGoat2379d ago

You only lose money if your impatient, it's free get over it.

Soldierone2379d ago

Bejeweled is a good time waster, why can't we just pay 5 dollars upfront and play the game all we want? This method is a total rip off.

CJOHHHHH2379d ago

I tried to comment on this article but the site seems to be retarded. Here is what I was going to post:

"Well....if you would have tried the game for more than 5 minutes you would have noticed that the 5 hearts replenish in about 10 minutes per heart. The money thing is for suckers who can't be patient and wait a few minutes to see if they do....kinda like you."

slazer1012379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I have no problem with the hearts replenishing. What pisses me off is when you run low on jewels you either have to buy more or wait 24 hours. Then you have to play tic tac toe scratch off BS to earn more free ones. Which don't win you enough to play very long. Lasted three days then deleted. Utter crap!

coolasj2379d ago

You don't have to have the bonus equipped. You can play without draining jewels.

I swear, what is wrong with people? This is why games beat us over the head with tutorials, because if their isn't one no one bothers to figure out mechanics.

Soldierone2379d ago

Well it's wordpress, doesn't take a genius to figure out how to login lol....

Other than that, why should we have to put up with the replenish crap when we are more than willing to just shell out a few bucks to buy the game....Anyone that doesn't see where this could lead is an idiot. Sure this game isn't as bad as others, but do you want the others all over the Vita store? no, and thats the entire point of the article if you took more than 5 seconds to read it. lol

coolasj2379d ago

The site was glitching. It didn't let me or him post.

joeorc2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

wtf. have people even played this game?

just like: and i quote

"That is until you figure out what this game is all about. You only get 5 lives per day….yeah that’s it, 5 lives. I honestly feel that the game is rigged too, because I’ve played it for 3 days now and my first 4 attempts were pure crap. I had someone helping me and we constantly were getting bad mixes, then the 5th turn comes along and everything falls into place perfectly. Every 5th try I’ve had has put me in first place among my friends with 30k plus points."

OK this is so full of crap, first of all its .99 cents if you cannot wait. if you wait it replenishes the 5 lives in like 5 to 10 min's by exiting the game an restarting. after the 5 to 10 min wait. an bam 5 new lives.

so guess what if he even read the [email protected] notice after he loos'es his 5th life, it said "you must wait, or buy more"

key word is "wait"

love the disagree's..even though what you said was true.

As the PSVita getting games like this? what's wrong with it, it seems people complain that PSVita is just getting ports, it need's more pick up an play games, so it get's a freaking quick pick up an play game an people complain? ESP. when the game is freaking Free?

come on, its a free game, and i may say so myself a good game an that's without spending a single dime on the game, throwing the dev. a single .99 HERE AN THERE is not a big deal when the game is good, supporting good developer's is a good thing.

chasegarcia2379d ago

i rather they just sell the damn game. i have no patient.

coolasj2379d ago

You get another life every 3-5 minutes. Your lack of knowledge about something you can rant a whole 8 paragraphs on is simply amazing. The game is fine and it tells you in the description of the refill item that you can wait for more. This article only serves to embarrass yourself, and your unfortunate friend who didn't tell you this.

Soldierone2379d ago

One missed mistake, and people fail to see the point of the entire article. Welcome to N4G lol

coolasj2379d ago

Otherwise, he doesn't have a point. He's just complaining about something that isn't actually true. It's a bad article.

Soldierone2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

It is indeed about the micro-transactions. It's explained in the paragraph about how those type of games flood the other markets and how doing something similar on PSN Store could ruin the integrity of the store. It doesn't belong in the faces of REAL gamers.

The label "free" is slapped on so many things like this and look where a lot of markets have gone. Technically is it free? Yeah until you get to the point of not being able to do anything. Look at a majority of Zynga games on Facebook.

The article even states "this isn't a horrible game, we just don't want the method to spread" at the end.

The issue is Vita is advertised as a higher end device for gamers. You ruin that integrity, you have a hard time separating it from the others.

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