Mass Effect 3 on sale for $40 at Amazon and other price matches

XMNR: On Monday, Amazon matched the Mass Effect 3 sale at Best Buy by dropping the price of the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC RPG by $20.

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Tai_Kaliso2375d ago

Nobody should pass this deal up, forget what you've heard from crybaby's about the ending, the whole game is fantastic and worth buying.

$40 is a steal!

Captain Qwark 92375d ago

couldnt agree more. game was an easy 9.5/10 for me

ShinraE52375d ago

Although I agree with the recommendation (the game is 98% amazing) I dont agree with your statement.

Criticizing (or praising) a game is an essential right of the consumer. Just as bioware has the right to make its art as it sees fit, we the consumers have the right to critique what they made. And while SOME people whined about it, others genuinely discussed and critiqued the ending.

all in all, still agame I would recommend, as you shouldnt let arguably the worst ending in gaming ruin what was a 98% awesome ride

Tai_Kaliso2375d ago

Mass Effect 3 was hardly the worst ending in gaming, lets at least try to be real about it. For something to be considered the worst, it'd need almost the majority complaining about it.

I'd say Ghostbusters on the original NES was probably the game with the worst ending, improper spelling and it wasn't even really an ending.

ShinraE52375d ago

@tai - From what I have seen, I would dare to say 51% or more of the peopel who have beaten ME3 have criticized it for its lack of clarity, relevance, and consistency.

And it is bad not only due to its lack of quality in comparison to the rest of ME3 and the series, but also due to it was the end of a 5 year adventure. It is so bad because the rest was so amazing, that something so below the standard of quality was nothing shy of shocking

Rageanitus2375d ago

walmart canada has been selling the game for 29 dollars for the past couple weeks now.