Sony Working On LittleBigPlanet MMO? [TheSixthAxis]

A new job listing on the LittleBigPlanet website suggests that Sony are at least looking into, if not already working on, an MMO based in the LBP universe.

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GribbleGrunger3450d ago

i've been calling this for a long time! i'm bound to be right one day so who knows!!??

Snookies123450d ago

Hahaha, well shoot... It would certainly be original as hell! Imagine a world with Little Big Planet, servers being shaped by the players and stuff like that. o_o Come to think of it, how the hell would this even work in an MMO type space???

Anyway, if it IS real, this is going to be crazy awesome lol!

Outside_ofthe_Box3450d ago

Yes, it will be very interesting to see how a LBP MMO will work.

ShoryukenII3450d ago

I hope this revives sandbox MMOs and inspires others to make more console MMOs. I hope they make this into 3D as well. It better be being developed by Media Molecule.

guitarded773450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

@ GribbleGrunger
LoL... no matter how wrong you are, you probably still have a better record than Patcher.

On topic: The MMO market is packed, so if it's true, it needs to be free to play based on micro-transactions, or have a really low $ buy in like Free Realms.

euchreprof3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I'll ALWAYS buy every single thing with Sackboy in it for the rest of my life cuz of the countless fun hours my daughter and i have spent for the last 4 years on LBP & LBP2.

PS: I bought my PS3 when my daughter was 5 years old in 2007 and she didn't coonect with anything I bought for her, so it was bascially just for my enjoyment. Then LBP hit in 2008 when she was 6. Enough Said.

THC CELL3450d ago

IF its create ya own worlds like a huge mmo layout
Expect GTA games and wow created and ff and more]

nofilter3450d ago

Yay, this could be great.

Tai_Kaliso3450d ago

Sony seems to be going with a more casual mascot lately, Sackboy is turning up everywhere, 2 full PS3 LBP games, a PSP game, a Kart Racing game, Vita game and now possibly a MMO.

Kind of reminds me of the Crash Bandicoot early Sony days.

-Alpha3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

They need to amp it up: Sackboy Party game, Sackboy Adventure (full 3D platformer), they got the Sackboy racer, how about a light Sackboy RPG for the Vita? the world is very interesting and neutral for all kinds of fun possibilities. Just like Mario

Tai_Kaliso3450d ago

Just so people know, I wasn't knocking it. I enjoy LBP and think Sony needed a mascot to appeal to everyone, which Sackboy does.

Some of my best gaming memories were with the original Crash, I mean who here who was alive and gaming back then didn't just get blown away by that? Especially for the time it was, simply amazing.

Little Big Planet is one of the better IP's this generation, glad to see Sony take care of them.

TopDudeMan3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

So, basically, it's just littlebigplanet with more than 4 players? And maybe some kind of hub world?

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The story is too old to be commented.