Ghost Recon Future Soldier - lone wolfers will f*** the team up

Do you like to play lone wolf in co-op games? Well think again as Future Soldier's unforgiving gameplay would like to have a word in your ear.

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RaidensRising2374d ago

Don't want me on your team then ;-)

Sanetoshi2374d ago

Ghost Recon, from what I've seen, has always been about the team experience, so it's understandable that you can't come to it with the same attitude as you might other games. Not sure if it's what I'm looking for in a shooter, but I'm glad there are games out there offering something different from the norm.

ShadesMoolah2374d ago

Yeah, it's not all that surprising, as its been pretty much full team ahead since the Xbox hay days.

Dropdeadll2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I'll lone wolf in tdm then :p

bunt-custardly2374d ago

You miss the point. TDM allows for respawning and if not it isn't game over if you're killed. The article suggests that in co-op if one team member dies the other three can't just carry on regardless, they all suffer so lone wolfing isn't such a good tactic when the stakes are so high.

I imagine if you're one end of the map to the other three and if you take a stray bullet there won't be enough time for them to come and save your ass.

It would annoy the hell out of me if the team kept failing due to one guy always wanting to go solo and getting killed each time.

pandehz2374d ago

I wish there is team kill so I can kill the lone wolf

gtxgamer22374d ago

In other words, dont be a CoD noob