Gravity Rush Demo Floats to PSN on May 29 in NA, May 30 in EU

Joystiq: Only five months after it landed on Japanese PlayStation Vitas, Sony's Gravity Rush will arrive on PlayStation Network in both North America and Europe. At least in demo form, that is. After a tweet from EU retailer GAME last week alleged a May 30 date for the game's EU demo, Sony confirmed to Joystiq today that the demo is set to arrive on NA and EU Vitas on May 29 and 30, respectively.

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Hicken2377d ago

It really is too far away. Maybe they'll surprise us and bring it out last month.

Yes, last month.

tarbis2377d ago


Acquiescence2377d ago

In fact it's mere days before the game comes out proper. Geez.

KillerPwned2377d ago

Go to any gamestop that has a Vita you can play the demo now....Still wish it was the 29th of this month.

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