Lost Planet 3: What we want to see

CVG- After the decent-yet-flawed first game way back in 2007 and an oh-wow-they-really-made-it-wor se sequel in 2010 we're getting a third Lost Planet title. Honestly, we weren't expecting to see the frozen surface of E.D.N III again, at least not from a studio with such a tarnished history.

But here we are, sitting slack-jawed staring at a the Spark Unlimited logo in the first Lost Planet 3 trailer. For those not aware Spark is the developer famous for the wholly awful Legendary and mouth wateringly banal Turning Point: Fall of Liberty games. Yup, these are the fellows entrusted with bringing the next Akrid massacre to your TV screens.

The question remains though; what do we want from the next entry in the franchise? What we know right now is limited, which fine by us since we can put together our own wishlist, and be cripplingly disappointed when none of it comes true.

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Tdmd2428d ago

Better controls (toggle crouch, for instance), a long, quality and story driven main campaing, more akrid, less human enimies and better character customization.