CES 2008 Xbox Live Member Meeting

If you are at the Las Vegas Convention Center Wednesday when the show closes, the Gamerscore blog guys will have their Xbox 360 Hummer on stand-by to give the first 20 people a lift over to the In-N-Out. Just be in front of the Microsoft Press Tent, located in the convention center parking lot across the street from Central Hall entrance C2, at 6:00pm sharp. (You can't miss the tent, it's the only two story tent in town.)

One more thing, the Gamerscore blog guys have decided to pick up the the first round and since TriXie and e did not make the CES trip this year, come have a Double Double for them…on us.

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HBK3988d ago

I don't see what's the point, why bother?

InYourMom3988d ago

Why do you even bother to comment? Just move along.

The 360 community does a lot of stuff like this.. Why not?