Has Zavvi Leaked the Wii U Launch Date?

Has online retailer Zavvi accidentally revealed the Europe launch date for Nintendo’s Wii U console?

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Godchild10202376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I expect a Sunday release date for the system and the first party launch titles. I just want to know what games will be release around the launch of the console.

I want a HD Zelda and a HD Pokemon game.. I also won't to know what the console will do and the specs. E3 is just under 2 months away.

I also want to know what third party exclusives will the WiiU have.

LoaMcLoa2376d ago

Games and systems can't release on weekends in Europe, it's kind of a weird tradition. Tuesdays and fridays are the regular release-days.

astroanthony2376d ago

Zavvi are getting good at this 'leaking information' thing they keep doing.

Tenkay232376d ago

I rational self thinks that weekend is the most probable. My irrational self wants this thing in the summer like in August.

yabhero2375d ago

I've been thinking the same thing... I mean I have school so August would be Ed as there is no school. Then I again I'll probably be locked in my room around thanksgiving , playing WiiU

thetrugamer2376d ago

hope this is true mario bros 4 for launch as well? count me in

frequentcontributor2375d ago

I doubt any retailer knows the launch date, beyond creating a mock window of release for themselves to plan around based on current speculation. Nintendo is probably still deciding, and I don't think they'd give out the info yet to avoid things like this happening. The guesses probably aren't too far off, but they're still just guesses.

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