Three New Fable 2 Screens Hit

Besides suffering from a brutal paper towel shortage, the folks at Lionhead seem to be hard at work on Fable 2. Not these three new character renders from the game showing off the Hobbes of Fable. These cross between dwarf and goblins from the original game may have gotten their cuteness factor amped up, but they'll still blow you to bits if you get to close... and then apparently point and laugh.

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socomnick3940d ago

Pretty sweet looking hope it looks that good when it comes out.

krik3940d ago

Don't worry it will not look as good.

Those are really high polygon CGI images. No chance in hell the in-game character will look like that, not even on a 8800Ultra.

power of Green 3940d ago

I don't know probably they both will be about the charactor's life story/adventure but the game itself may be about different adventures.

Was one of the last Xbox games I played loved it and now I own the game through Xbox originals.

GameOn3940d ago

It will be really cheap now and it will waste time while you wait for the next one.

PoG: I never thought mutch of fable but that could be cos i compared it to mirrowind. I did however see the creators vision and what it could have been.
I look forward to the next 1.

wageslave3940d ago

look at the disagrees. jesus, the sony fans are running wild here.

The question is "Should you play Fable?" I can give you a resounding YES!

Its available as an Xbox Original, you can also pick up a used disc somewhere -- and since every Xbox 360 is backwards compatible, you'll be able to play it off the original disc if you choose.

It sold extremely well, and was very well regarded. It has a Metacritic score of 8.5 / 10, which, for comparison is pretty good considering how the PS3 fans on N4G *RAVE* about Folklore (7.4 / 10)...

Yes, you should get it for certain. Its a wonderfully fun game.

Tyrael3940d ago

Looks cool. Never played the first one but i heard good things

radzy3940d ago

now its back to reality and thats the games, and the sony fandicks dont like it . get a life you fricken trolls. its always been about the games.

p.s. i just checked out the metal gear solid 4 videos at ign and it looks shiit. just another over hyped sony bullshitt. very shocking a.i. and again bad camera controls. the person playing the game got shot over 100 times and didnt die. fandicks can have their mgs4 , SPLINTER CELL:CONVICTION for me for sure. REAL STEALTH AND EXCLUSIVE TO XBOX 360.

Tyrael3939d ago

I know right. I give you bubbles for acknowledging the bias on this site. You can tell its overrun by Sony fanboys because there are more disagrees in their favor. Its pathetic really.

Regret3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

As someone said, Fifth Element.

Chad Warden3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

...From the The Fifth Element.

I remember all the hype Peter Molyneux and his gay fans had for Fable 1. In the end, it was a huge disappointment.

"This is going to be the best game ever" - Peter

Sorry Pete, but your game sucked and I was hugely disappointed with it. Short, boring, and a waste of my money. And I'm rich, money isn't an issue, but Fable was a joke. Utter trash.

RIPHDDVD3940d ago

Fable 2 looks horrible too. have you seen the character models? they look completely last gen with very stiff animations.

Fable 1 was massive disappointment in the end i expect the same from Fable 2

InMyOpinion3940d ago

I would not consider a game that got 9.3 from IGN and has an 85% average at Gamerankings a disappointment.

Only a fool or a fanboy would.

Cartesian3D3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

dude I didnt play it.. but I think it wasnt that bad... :)

anyway these days some devs doesnt want to innovate ,just improve and add some new features.. hope to see a good game..

there is huge hype around this game, and they cant make another dissapointment like the first one (as u said , I didnt know )

MS need these few titles for 2008 to compete with Sony ..

mullet3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

I too, thought it was a boring game and I love RPG's. Too overhyped and for no reason, in my opinion. There was nothing special about it for me.

heyheyhey3940d ago

wait a second- you are the real chad warden!!!!!!!!! because chad boasted on youtube by saying he was very, very rich or are you just taking the piss out of him?

im not sure, please tell me

Ghoul3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

it really doesnt matter if its really you holding that account but dude

That Video cracks me up

The only really funny thing was watching your vids about you beeing rich throwing around printed money bills while sitting in a rathole with fecking old furniture cheap clothes and not a single valuable jewelry on you. haha you rock man (ironic)

InMyOpinion3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

I had to check on youtube. The dude is hilarious. Original videogame gangsta lol! Click clack!

Sushifx - You found it too lol! Mad props, g!

GITPWNED3940d ago Show
Ghoul3940d ago


get lost antisemistic ahole

pshizle3940d ago


are all disappointments

pshizle3940d ago

from your videos i hurd that you like to take it up the A$$HOLE

mullet3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Do you people hate him that much, you have to edit his vids to make yourselves feel better? That's pretty sad.

I think you're all just pissed that he has more money than you do.

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