Goldeneye to be released on XBOX Live Arcade?

John Olin states:

"Talking with very reliable sources, and seeing evidence ourselves, Xbox Evolved believes that Microsoft, Rareware, MGM Studios (studio that makes the James Bond 007 movies) and Activision (holds the license for James Bond 007 titles right now) have come to an agreement to bring the Rareware developed Goldeneye 007 out to Xbox Live Arcade shortly before the new game developed by Activision is released.

The title will feature updated graphics, and of course an all-new Xbox Live multiplayer. Not only that, but we have found evidence that Rareware is planning on releasing even more of their back catalog onto Xbox Live Arcade, specifically, Perfect Dark and the original Banjo-Kazooie. Expect more on at least Goldeneye 007 later this year."

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BlackIceJoe5445d ago

I would really like to play Perfect Dark again and if it is remade that would be cool.

If this news about GoldenEye is real this would be really great news.

Kleptic5445d ago

definitely...roommate still has 007, but the updated graphics would be great...its almost hard to play these days...draw distances of about 10 feet are not pretty anymore...

still one of my favorite games of all time though...

JsonHenry5445d ago

When they say updated graphics I am assuming that does not simply mean the game is going to run in HD? That would be SWEET if they redid all the graphics and released the game on live. It would be the most played Live game to date.

Pain5444d ago

Not that Halo PC style crap! 2 Sticks!!!! = good times u just wait!

but ill stick to my Perfect Dark thats in my N64 still lol game never gets old.

Relcom5445d ago

I love its multiplayer. Those were good times playin that when i was young

ushman5445d ago

couldn't agree with you more!

Sayai jin5445d ago

You took the words out of my mouth. I was even thing about buying a N6 again to play this game. Then you add in XBL multi player. I will definately be playin this. Nice move MS and Rareware.

Jinxstar5445d ago

Oh yeah I agree. Sad thing though most of the games I used to love so much lost so much flavor over the years. Very few i still enjoy like when they came out. I hope this one isn't tarnished as much... Twisted metal for example. I loved it... now not so much... WANT A NEW ONE!!!!

INehalemEXI5445d ago

Yup, 4 player split screen was awesome. It would be even better now days since back then my tv was so little.

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socomnick5445d ago

Great news if true now how about bringing killer instinct back :)

BloodySinner5445d ago

I am DYING for KI for XBLA.

AzaziL5445d ago

I so miss Killer Instinct 2 and playing as nooberwulf pulling huge combos, if that was on live, it would be like the good ol days minus the loss of countless quarters.

Altis15445d ago

Memories, awesome memories of the original.

heyheyhey5445d ago

me and my friend couldn't stop playing goldeneye on the n64- this is good news for xbox owners, hope it comes to the PSstore

Marceles5445d ago

Nah...since Microsoft owns Rare I doubt it'll ever come to the Playstation. This would be huge if it went to Xbox Live

B Man5445d ago

I can just see it now... aiming in goldeneye with the wiimote.... ahhh. :)

mikeslemonade5445d ago

Hey why don't you read the article before posting. Goldeneye is owned by Activision which was developed by Rare, so Rare doesn't have the rights to this game.

drewdrakes5444d ago

mikeslemonade - thats not true. Why dont you take your own advice. Activision owns the rights to make NEW 007 games, it doesnt own all the rights to every one ever made.

Activision never touched this game. They just have to approve a new release considering they hold current royalties to making and releasing new bond games.

B Man5438d ago (Edited 5438d ago )

Rare still does as the guy stated above.

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