Five tips for getting the most enjoyment out of Xenoblade Chronicles

GameZone's David Sanchez writes: "Is the world of Monolith Soft's Wii RPG too intimidating? Check out these pointers!"

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RedDead2377d ago

"If you don't want to do every side quest, don't"

This is a good tip, Sidequests in this game are just that. Pick and choose the ones you want to do and as soon as you have a shred of boredom, move on with the game. They don't count for **** really besides some kinda exploration Fun and Boss battle fun.

The battle system is fun in this game too Btw.

BldyShdw2377d ago

Is it weird that I'm digging everything but the battle system? I'm 18 hours in and maybe I just need to play more.

Instigator2376d ago

The side quests can be repetitive, but what's great is that you can do most of them without even trying. When I reached a new area I spent 5-10 hours exploring and battling, picking up collectibles and materials, so when I met an NPC with a side quest I could just sit back and watch my characters level up. It's a great feeling.

There are some epic ones though. Like when you're asked to defeat Demon King Dragonia or the Battling Brutes side quest. I learned the value of Daze Resist and Poison Resist from that one.