Uncharted 4: Could Naughty Dog Abandon Ship?

GameBandits: "Uncharted 4 has not been officially out yet but that hasn’t stopped the inevitable speculation surrounding what sort of things will be included, what will be left out, and what shocking revelations the game will contain. One of the most prevalent rumors is that long standing franchise developers Naughty Dog may not be involved on the project."

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JoGam3396d ago

If it will be a Uncharted 4, I can see it being on PS4. If true, they wouldnt annouce it before the announcement of PS4. Just a guess.

PirateThom3396d ago

I don't think it would be a disaster if Sony Bend took the series over and Naughty Dog worked on something else.

tigertron3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Sony Bend is a great developer, even if they only do portable games.

Take Resistance Retribution for example, it was a true sequel to RFOM in my book. They went in the right direction, something which Insomniac failed to do.

As for Uncharted, I haven't played GA but as soon as I get a Vita I will. If the game is as good as UC:DF then I won't mind Bend taking over. That said, I still want ND to continue making Uncharted games. I can already picture UC4 on the PS4.

nathanhale3396d ago

mind "bend taking over". lol. kinky

IRetrouk3396d ago

I'm a big uncharted fan, I bought a vita for uncharted ga at launch, the game is amazing, I think I would rate it above uncharted 1, the graphics really are almost on par with it, the gameplay is fantasticly uncharted, there have been no compromises is the story at all and is infact a longer game than num 3

milohighclub3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Thing is golden abyss wasn't anywhere near as good as naughty dogs, it lacked the finish that naughtydog games have. Whether that's cos it was on vita and not possible to be as smooth as ND's or just simply that bend aren't as good at making games, I don't know.

What I do know is I only finished the story once then traded it in.
I still have all 3 console gamesI have finished them multiple times yet still play uncharted 3 everyday.

sikbeta3396d ago

Bend is Portable Exclusive and Best Devs for those platforms, I prefer them to go back to their Syphon Filter games rather than take care of others IPs


Now that rumors about GOW4 for PS3 are everywhere, please *Uncharted 4 x PS4*

GamingPerson3396d ago

take a break.. ps4 would more suitable.

sandman2243396d ago

Agree, give uncharted a break and focus on new ip's so you don't over due the series. Wait till ps4 then release it.

Soldierone3396d ago

If ND is out, I'm out. I love the characters and stories, but thats all ND. I mean look at Vita's uncharted, looks and plays great but the story itself is kinda stale COMPARED to other Uncharted games. I'm saying it's stale period, I'm saying compared to the 3 on PS3.

If ND see's no need to continue the franchise, why milk it to death? Publishers need to understand if you let it disapear while its good, when it returns people will buy it a ton....otherwise its "meh they milked this game to hell before"

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