Becoming A Healthy Gamer Can Be Easy

GamerFitNation's Alfredo Lopez tells gamers how they can become a healthy gamer.

"Gaming can easily distract a person from living a healthy lifestyle. It’s so easy to pick up your controller and play online for countless hours while snacking on all those tasty foods that aren’t good for you. Just as that’s easy, it’s also easy to be a healthy gamer! How exactly? How does one go about changing a totally comfortable lifestyle into another? Consider these tips if you’re trying to live healthier while staying true to your gaming ways."

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LOGICWINS2377d ago

It's not as hard as people think. I run at least 2 miles each morning, do weight training 4 days a week, and eat right. After I do all that, I reward myself with 6 hours of gaming at night.

Highlife2377d ago

I would love to be able to game that much. I just need there to be about 34 hours in a day.

LOGICWINS2377d ago

Many things become possible when you don't have a job =D

Captain Qwark 92377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

yeah i was gonna say, no way youd be able to do all that in a day.

its still easy though, i work out 5 days a week, to be a healthy gamer, gaming just needs to be around the 3-5th priority.

for me its..

i may only get 10ish hrs a week to game but it works. just takes me months to be a long game and a couple weeks for shorter ones. upside though, im 220lbs bench around 315 and squat 405 for a few reps

Outside_ofthe_Box2377d ago

Damn you bench 315??? My goal is to be able to bench 285. I currently bench 215. You weigh more so that might explain it a bit. I weigh 155lb currently. I can bicep curl 55lb dumbbells, I don't do squats, but I should start doing them lol.

Captain Qwark 92377d ago


yeah ive also been working out for years too on and off ( mostly on ), kind of an odd combo but my two main hobbies have always been gaming and lifting.

and do squats! believe it or not, doing squats will raise your bench even faster. toss in deadlifts too. bench is great but squats and deads are the two best workouts you can do.

also nice curl....

Boody-Bandit2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

When you start hitting the 3's that is some serious, serious weight. When you hit 4 you feel like godlike. When you hit 5? I wouldn't know but got so, so close (465lbs). Blew my left shoulder and bicep out on the same day. Haven't seen the other side of 4 since.

But seriously, anything over 300lbs is man power. Not many people hit that number, at least not naturally, and I know a lot of people that have tried.

Keep at it Qwark. Just make sure you lift with ability and not sheer will. That's the mistake that cost me.

solidjun52377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

dude 315 is a lot. Pretty damn impressive. I'm 200 and i can bench 250 right now. My max was 285. 300 + is just...too much right now.

@Qwark. Man you are you so right about squats. I hate them with a passion but withou them, i wouldn't be able to bench 250 as it stands.

Captain Qwark 92377d ago


yeah 3+ is a lot but crazy props for 465. id be happy to get up to 4 lol.

but im more impressed by ratios then raw numbers. anybody who can bench 1.5 their body weight is impressive in my book. anybody who can get 2x, that is godlike power, pass that and your just insane lol.


yeah im with you lol squats sucks but i you do feel like a beast when doing them. i still hate deadlifts more, find them much more difficult too!

Boody-Bandit2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

If memory serves my right I was roughly 220-225 (lbs) when I hit 465 on the bench. Give it or 5lbs.

I just have one of those bodies built for benching. I don't lift any more, too old and busted. It's a shame too because I have a ton of equipment. If not for my son I would sell it all and get some mad gaming accessories.

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xtheownerzx2377d ago

Geez I would guys I would be lucky to hit 200. I just run way too much and don't eat a lot of calories to put on the weight. Oh well someday I guess