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The best games never die. Fire a nailgun at a crowd and you'll hit someone who still swears Quake is the finest first-person shooter ever made. Counter-Strike is regarded by many of its adherents as the only serious competitive shooter to this day. And does anyone want to predict when the final shot will be fired in Team Fortress 2?

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chasegarcia2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

come on! this is no 10/10 game(no game is). not even 9/10.


Not trying to bash the game. Game is alright, but it is no 10/10. A 10/10 game in my opinion suppose to be legendary.

LightofDarkness2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

10/10 doesn't mean perfect. It just means it's the best example of its genre available at the time of writing, on either this platform or comparable platforms.

chasegarcia2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

f2p aside. is this the best fps? no

Legendary(when released)

Super Mario(Best Platform),
Final Fantasy 7(Best RPG),
Metal Gear Solid(Best Third Person),
GTA Vice City(Best Open World),
Socom 2(Best Multi-player),

LightofDarkness2374d ago

I would say it's the best multiplayer only FPS available, yes. Especially when you consider that it's F2P.

xruiner892374d ago

Truly one of the best multiplayer games i've ever played and the fact it's F2P is astonishing. I would have payed full price for it.

OmniSlashPT2374d ago

UC3 is an 8/10 and Journey is a 9/10 but Tribes is a perfect 10? eurogamer never wasreally trustworthy, but they start to be as ridiculous as EDGE and Famitsu...

chasegarcia2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

now that I think of it giving game reviews scores is not a good idea.
Something like this may be better:

Worth Playing-----Tribes
May like it--- Mercenaries 2
Game is terrible----X-men Destiny

or the Gamepro faces.

BraveToaster2374d ago

I really wish this game wasn't free to play. Then it wouldn't be pay to win.
Now before someone comes in telling me you can unlock the weapons without paying, that takes a LONG time. Paying to unlock the better weapons or upgrades gives you a huge advantage over everyone else.
This game COULD be 10/10 if it wasn't so pay to win...