Carnage is coming to the 360

Nice Tech Ltd. have lifted the lid on their plans for the 360, by showing the world 'Carnage', a MMO game in the same vein as Test Drive: Unlimited. But this game comes with a slightly different twist.

The main difference is that the game doesn't really revolve around the main driving aspect, but more on the destruction side of things.

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uuuunvnv25851d ago

well i guess you PS3 boys and girls can have your full auto 2, even thought its comming to 360 as well. But i think we will take this game just fine.

kewlkat0075850d ago

Where is my next Twisted Metal 2 game?..What happened to that series? Maybe this is it in disuise..

Yo Wassap5850d ago

i hope 3rd party damage is included. Like a person is racing another guy when he blazes across a crossroads. At the same time another race with the same point is going on, the cars then crash into eachother if they don't look. That would set this game apart from any other on the planet, meh but it'll never happen (well not yet).