Wheels of Destruction review [The X Button]

The X Button writes: "Wheels of Destruction is a multiplayer arena-based vehicle combat title. Technically it's single-player as well, because an option exists for an offline bot match, but the AI is barely competent of putting up a challenge, meaning the offline mode ends up as the closest thing the game has to a tutorial. Not that you need one, particularly; there are only three game modes, and you've seen them all before. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag are as ambitious as Wheels of Destruction gets, and it's attempts at shoehorning in a class-based vehicle system falls completely flat, even if the theory is sound. Persist with the game and you might find some enjoyment from online matches, but with few players to pit your skills against and little in the way of content it's not something you're likely to keep coming back to. "

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