The Old Spice Experience Challenge: Earn Achievement Points to Win Fabulous Prizes

Old Spice and have partnered up to bring Xbox gamers the "Old Spice Experience Challenge." This isn't one big contest either; it's a whole new site for multiple mini-contests. Basically, you can start a new challenge or create your own to go head-to-head with other players and see who can bolster their Gamerscore the most in the alloted time.

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ActionBastard3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

How? Live is down.

@ C_SoL

I'm a man of many talents...

C_SoL3939d ago

U just read my do u do that Action Bastard? what else can u do?

THAMMER13939d ago

Live is not down I just finished a game OF COD4 and a private chat.

You are haters.

ActionBastard3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Weren't you claiming the same thing last week? You know, when reports just like this, were appearing? Call MS and let them know how special you are.

Via Xbox Live and Zune Marketplace users may experience intermittent issues with billing related transactions (such as the purchasing of premium content), presence functionality (such as logging into Xbox Live), posting statistics, storage downloads, matchmaking, and messaging.

I'm off to play on the free (and working) PSN. Hate these nuts.

InYourMom3939d ago

Let's get our info about Live being down from a Sony droid who doesn't own a 360. Of course PSN isn't down it's about half as sophisticated and has 1/3 of the users on it and even that's being generous.

Live is working fine here.

Btw - This is an awesome program. People who say you get nothing for your achievements/gamerscore just point them to these challenges. I don't see how this isn't a good thing?

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Skerj3939d ago

Hah people are gonna start breaking out that Avatar game to get 1000 (well 700 now) points in 2 mins for this.

Syko3939d ago

I've already won a $100 Best Buy card, and am in a contest to win 4,000 MS Points right now.