Miyamoto: Nintendo to show Mario Wii U at E3 2012

Nintendo Universe writes:

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Nintendo will showcase a Mario title for Wii U at E3 this year.

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Snookies122380d ago

It's funny, I haven't owned a Wii in years, and I've kind of forgotten about Nintendo (console wise).

Yet it's the only company that has games that could be system sellers for me if they made them... I would seriously buy a Wii U if they announced a new F-Zero, or a new Metroid. If I didn't have an Xbox, or a PS3, there wouldn't really be any games that would be system sellers for me like some of Nintendo's are.

I find that highly odd lol. In any case, I'm keeping a close eye on the Wii U, and the games that are announced. XD

Rainstorm812380d ago

Not sure why u have so many disagrees, No one can argue that Ninty's franchises have system selling power, but i also dont own a Wii, never have....but the Wii-U does have my attention.

One game i do miss is Zelda because i had the gamecube and the gameboy Sp and playing Wind Waker was a very unique fun experience, so i can only imagine an HD zelda with the Wii-Pad

Hopefully this Mario does something that can interests me.

Snookies122380d ago

Lol, well there are always people who just like to disagree no matter what is said. ^^;

The Wii was great at first, but there just weren't enough games coming out that kept my attention. Zelda's are always amazing, though I'm not sure how I felt about Skyward Sword. Maybe I didn't get far enough, but it didn't come across as one of the better titles in the franchise to me for some reason.

Yeah though, I'll be very interested to see what they do with Mario on the Wii U.

DrPepper2380d ago

all i want is true sequel to star fox 64. what i mean by that is keep fox in the damn arwing.

maniacmayhem2380d ago

I've been asking for this since Starfox 64.

A true sequel done by the boys at the Big N, not Namco or Rare.

Batzi2380d ago

Anything like "New Super Mario Bros" or Galaxy is welcomed!! Can't wait :D

StanSmith2380d ago

I would kill for Super Mario World to be remade with New Super Mario Bros. graphics.

linkratos2380d ago

i would kill myself. NSMBW had no charm, they need to stick to 2d art style. anything would be better than NSMBW, whether it's an updated SMW look or even a Paper Mario aethetic

GamingPerson2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I am sure many ps3 and 360 fanboys will talk crap about mario graphics and compare it to gears and uncharted.
I hope this turns out fun!

scotchmouth2380d ago

Because people compare mario to 3rd person shooters? Nice logic

StanSmith2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

GamingPerson said they will compare graphics! Which they will. He/she didn't mean they would literally compare every detail from gameplay to story etc.

GamingPerson2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

graphics wise.. see comment again..
Also I want mid evil mario..

scotchmouth2380d ago

I stand corrected. I must have read it too fast this morning

Crap_Turtle2380d ago

^ I dont want anything like galaxy or new super mario

I want sprites

Psychonaughty2380d ago

I want a true sequel to Mario64, been waiting years...

scotchmouth2380d ago

Agreed. That game holds up today and is still a blast to play

Disccordia2380d ago

You might be in luck! Wasn't there an article the other day that was rumouring a new 2D mario game? As there's only just been one for 3DS, it might be the WiiU title. Sprites would be kinda cool!

DrPepper2380d ago

sprites would be awesome, i wouldn't mind having a mario game that uses both sprites and 3d graphics and intertwine them into a unique experience.

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