Warriors Orochi 3 review - musou overload - Metro


You either love Dynasty Warriors or hate it, but if you're a fan the lure of 120 playable characters and customisable battlefields should be very tempting…

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Stephen55432375d ago

A 3 out of 10....really? I find the game to be really fun. Sure they've done this style game a lot, but I can't see this game being a 3. I'm not even going to give the site a hit.

Xof2375d ago

As a musou fan, I'm pretty disappointed with it myself. AI is awful, missions homogenous, and the story delivery is bottom-tier awful.

That last bit was probably the most disconcerting for me. After DW7, it almost seemed like Tecmo-Koei knew what they were doing.

WetN00dle692375d ago

WOW! These fools must be touched in the head! The game is great! Much better than most titles out in the market to be quite honest.

blackblades2375d ago

Please stop lying even ign gave it a 8/10 this does not deserve a 3/10.