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Hitman07692471d ago

already? a third? really.....

Moncole2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

EA wants money. This will become a yearly series

GrumpyVeteran2471d ago

Depends. Crysis 2 did worse than Crysis 1 - if EA want to make this a profitable franchise they must go back to their roots, but they won't because it's EA. Instead, they'll run the IP into the ground.

Croash2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )


With CryEngine 2 :
Crysis 1 : Holiday 2007
Warhead : Fall 2008
[Development of a new engine]
With CryEngine 3 :
Crysis 2 : Scheduled for Holiday 2010 but then delayed to Spring 2011.
Crysis 3 : Scheduled for Spring 2013

It was obvious that it wouldn't take them 3 years to develop another game using the same engine. This is just like CD Projekt RED, they released The Witcher in 2007, then worked on their RED Engine and The Witcher 2 which they unleashed in 2011. But The Witcher 3 will certainly not have such a long development cycle because they already have the tools they need.

You can also expect Crytek to be working on its CryEngine 4 which will probably be ready some time in 2014/2015.

Developers can make a very good game within two years, and I'm certain Crytek has been working on C3 before C2's release, so they've had quite a lot of time to release a decent sequel.

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BigBoss19642471d ago

A 3rd one already? ffs EA

RocknRolla2471d ago

The 2nd was amazing and much better than the first which was just Far Cry with a super suit and BAM it became linear as the game went on until all you could do was walk down a corridor to complete the level.

I hope the 3rd isn't as linear as the first and the tactical gameplay still pertains it's difficulty.

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The story is too old to be commented.