Snooki from MTV Jersey Shore making more Games, Apps Genius acquires contract and engine for her

J.I. writes, "Snooki from Jersey Shore does more than just party. These days she is getting her hands into something a little closer to your hearts, video games. Today at 7:20 AM (Eastern US Time) Apps Genius has announced their agreement (which was signed on October 2011) is progressing with Snooki for a puzzle-inspired game as well as eight games to come following."

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two things that doesnt mix, snooki and puzzle inspired games. just saying

SeanScythe2429d ago

Please just Overdose already so we can get rid of this waste of space.

EditorAtGNG2429d ago

Kill it. Kill it with fire!

jeenyus2429d ago

Just what our beloved industry needed.

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The story is too old to be commented.