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GR-UK: "The Crysis series will continue next year, as EA has announced Crysis 3, which takes the sci-fi shooter back into the urban jungle of New York.

Crytek is once more at the helm, with the game in development for PC and consoles, built on the studio's own Cry Engine. The game promises "seven distinct and treacherous environments known as the Seven Wonders", as well as new alien weaponry."

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GrumpyVeteran2472d ago

Crysis 3 is gonna have the same sort of pre order bonus MP crap like Crysis 2.

Sigh if only they'd make Crysis 3 more like Crysis 1. Chances are Crysis 3 will be just like Crysis 2. Barely any vehicular gameplay in singleplayer and none in MP, completely COD esque.

I don't know who to hate, Crytek or EA?

AusRogo2472d ago

Im hoping its more like Crysis 1. Lets just wait and see.

tachy0n2472d ago

that's what I say every time I see a COD or battlefield related article..

DeadlyFire2472d ago

Does this article really state Crytek once again at the helm as if another studio would take it from them? They own the Crysis IP.

ninjahunter2472d ago

Perhaps I need glasses, but heres all i read:
"Umm yea, were going to be making the game more linear so we can pull off better visuals in tech that should be dead and were also sending the game to the chop shop so we hope you like DLC!"

deruy3432472d ago

They've got alot to live up to..

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