Diehard GameFAN: Out of the Park Baseball 13 Review

DHGF: Every year I keep thinking OOTP baseball is going to stumble. I will admit that the leap from 8 to 10 did not seem to be as impressive as the previous iterations. However, Markus and his small group of independent developers have made each and every jump from 11 to 13 to be something to experience. I love what OOTP stands for and the intrinsic value of the game from a baseball fan and game fan perspective. Don’t let the ratings fool you, OOTP 13 is the best OOTP yet and you’d be crazy not to get this game. Each OOTP baseball game is a love letter to a fellow baseball fan and those who love the sport will appreciate the adoration of the sport that has gone into OOTP 13.

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