Xbox 360 320GB Gears of War 3 Console – Rollback Wal-mart

Are you in the market for a new Xbox 360? Well, look no further than the Xbox 360 320GB Gears of War 3 Console bundle from Wal-mart. They have had a rollback from $399.96 to now only $349.96.

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JoePrime2402d ago

$349.99 is the new MSRP for this bundle - it was all over the main "Spotlight" section of the 360 Dashboard not too long (couple weeks?) ago...

Nothing special about Wal-Mart here.

Felinox2402d ago

Wish the Star Wars sku was this price.

ddelella2402d ago

They were $300 at Newegg a couple of months ago during a sale so this is nothing special.

2398d ago