Is Resident Evil 5 coming to us this year?

During an interview by Gamespot at this years CES (Posted here today). an MS employee says the magic words 'Resident Evil 5' not once but twice. Note: he is only talking about 2008 games, nothing on 2009, so I'm sure we can take this with a lot more than a pinch or salt.

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PS360WII3937d ago

I'm pretty sure Capcom said '09. Despite was MS says I'm pretty sure Capcom is still making the game and should know better about when the game will come out.

I say take all the time you need for it cuz I want to be wowed like I was for RE4!

jay23937d ago

I agree with you, but this guys got quite a good idea about whats going on being from MS. I'm going for an xmas release date.

PS360WII3937d ago

I could dig a xmas release ^^ would be a great present to me :)

mighty_douche3937d ago

its gonna be the end so we're still looking at 10 months minimum. Ill get excited a little closer to then.

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The story is too old to be commented.