Call of Duty sales slow down as casual buyers find entertainment elsewhere

Gamasutra - Previous analyst predictions were right: it looks like ongoing sales of the annual Call of Duty franchise are beginning to slow down.

Life-to-date sales of 2011's entry Modern Warfare 3 are behind where 2010's Black Ops was at this time last year, despite the former having a stronger debut.

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The Meerkat2377d ago

Black Ops didn't have BF3 to contend with.

And is a casual gamer not also likely to buy Black ops or MW2 at a cheaper price instead of MW3, its almost the same game.

dark-hollow2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

it was bound to happen.
cod 4 had big potential to expand but yet they chose the lazy way, repackaging the game year over year without any big improvements.

activision had really short sight for the future.
sure the rehashing is profitable for them now, but sooner or later the series gonna die!

if they stick to 2-3 years development cycles with big improvements the cod series could live up for generations to come. with more and more competition from younger games that dares to break the mold and go innovative and fresh.

Army_of_Darkness2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

sales are behind by around 4.2% from last year's COD?? lol! oh yeah. COD is definitely going downhill (-_-)...

meerkat is right, everyone ends up buying older versions of cod, especially when its $20 during the holiday season. I'm not a fan and even I did out of "oh what the hell" instinct!

StanSmith2377d ago

"sales are behind by around 4.2% from last year's COD?? lol! oh yeah. COD is definitely going downhill (-_-)..."

This is exactly what happened to Guitar Hero. COD will last a few more years at best. We all knew this would happen.

Activision have two choices:

Increase COD's budget to make it a better game complete with new engine,
Let COD carry on regardless and Hurry up and find a new way to make money.

Without COD, Activision is screwed!

ginsunuva2377d ago

Yes the casual gamers are willing to buy the same game over again for max price points - they've showed us that over the past decade.

-Mezzo-2377d ago

Was waiting for this headline for over 4 years. FINALLY

TekoIie2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Oh good for you, were you having sleeping problems over that time??? On the bright side your life will now be full of fluffy sheep, unicorns and rainbows.

MAJ0R2377d ago

What has happened to Guitar Hero is finally happening to COD, Activision just never learns...

glennco2376d ago

i know. we don't need analysts to tell us when a game is being milked. i haven't been able to play CoD single player since CoD 4 and even then, aside from 2 levels, was just a cinematic walkthrough. for some reason (thanks activision) EA now thinks that is what we want.

and multiplayer... i played BFBC1 instead of CoD4 and have never looked back. just my opinion, i am not telling people they shouldn't play a game they enjoy, that is just dumb.

wenaldy2377d ago

Suckers still buying previous installment which is the same game

TheGOODKyle2377d ago

JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

kevnb2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

just too many games released year after year. Too many expensive map packs too. And oh yeah, infinity ward has been gutted just because they wanted to make something new...

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