GAME's collapse 'hurt' Syndicate sales, says Starbreeze

Despite being one of the few EA titles to be stocked by GAME in recent months, Starbreeze has suggested that the retailer’s collapse contributed to lower-than-expected sales of its hi-tech shooter Syndicate, saying that “the retail space is hurting, and I think that hurt us because we were such a retail product.”

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Jdoki2377d ago

I would have thought the mediocre review scores and the fact the game was generic and unoriginal would have done more damage.

Excuses, excuses Starbreeze... The best move they could make is getting the hell away from EA and get back to making interesting games.

kevnb2377d ago

review scores did nothing, but it just didnt stick out. Anybody that played it probably didnt recommend it to friends either.

Jovahkiin2377d ago

I thought the fact that the demo was garbage would have hurt the sales myself.

Cajun Chicken2377d ago

But on the other hand, even as a rental, the game was rather average, especially for a Starbreeze game.

Ser2377d ago

Another cyberpunk romp?...Meh. I wasn't really excited for it to begin with.

GezForce2377d ago

not on par with dark athena or chronicles of riddick butches bay. Syndicate was really disappointing.

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The story is too old to be commented.