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An opinion column via that discusses the viability of using written literature as an inspiration for gaming stories.


"Not to discredit gaming writers because let’s be honest, there will never be a mindfuck quite like that one in BioShock, or indeed in Red Dead Redemption, or the Mass Effect 3 ending — had to — but wouldn’t it be cool if the gaming industry also looked to books for inspiration? I’m not saying become dependent on them as Hollywood has, but simply take a really good book and make it a really awesome game, because it has the potential for such a thing."

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Crap_Turtle2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

"imply take a really good book and make it a really awesome game, because it has the potential for such a thing." ("

Absolutely not because then gaming becomes worthless

where is the book for mario galaxy?

where is the book for disgaaea 4?

The best games do it themselves

coolbeans2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

The article is asking about taking inspiration from books, while not becoming dependent upon them. Listing two random games (one of them following the same "save the princess" trope since the 80's) doesn't make this idea seem like a bad one. When even dozens of titles are nominated for "best story" each year, yet are still subpar compared to short stories you read in high school, it's easy to see that the gaming industry COULD use a boost in this department IF they're trying to go for a story-driven game.

Gaming doesn't become worthless with this idea, it becomes even more competitive. The simple drive for cinematic games to aspire to reach storytelling heights like that of Alexandre Dumas should be applauded.

That's not to say every game needs strive for that goal. Games like Mario just entertain a specific goal in order for you to focus on the platforming.

Crap_Turtle2377d ago

shut up you didnt read this

s45gr322377d ago

uuuugh okay crap turtle indeed. Anyhow, it could improve the gaming landscape as long as games dont become dependent to books. It could bring a lot of new ideas like 1984 which could bring a game similar to bioshock.