PlayStation's announcement of 19th april could be Heavenly Sword 2

The teased sentence is the same that the one we can read on the spanish version box of Heavenly Sword.

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360GamerFG2379d ago

Now that's an exciting prospect. I miss Nariko and Kai. I've always thought HS was more worthy of a sequel than Motorstorm. HS was the first truly "next-gen" game I played and I was a bit pissed that SONY didn't make more!

waltyftm2379d ago

Well said, loved Heavenly sword, a brilliant game like that deserves a sequel.

sly-Famous2378d ago

Agree, also a heavily underrated game.

morganfell2378d ago

Not only an underrated game but a game that certain elements - the press - did everything possible to discount.

This is even more interesting as the Heavenly Sword animated film is almost finished. For those that are not aware the film covers events in the original game.

The most important concern of any other studio handling the game is that they nail the visual aspects of the original. I doi not mean the graphics but the way the camera functioned, sweeping almost cinematic angles in combat.

I still remember Nariko running down that rope and vaulting in a somersault over to the other and as she came to the top leaping off and barreling into her enemies on the ground.m The camera angles were and are unlike any other action game.

TekoIie2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Heavenly sword was a good game but it lacked many features that other games in the same genre add in because its the norm.

But it would be nice to see this game although i doupt it will come out on PS3, maybe it'll be a PS4 launch title?

OmegaSlayer2379d ago

Hmmm...could be interesting without Ninja Theory. HS gameplay was bad...

sinncross2378d ago

HS2 is an interesting prospect.... was some talk of it being revived.]]If true, it comes down to who the developer is.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2378d ago

Santa Monica WOULD be the natural choice. I just hope they don't bring all the blood and gore from the GOW franchise over to HS. Nariko was brutal but it was with more "finesse" than gore.

andibandit2378d ago

Hope they change the actual battles as it gets a bit monotonous after a while.

MastaMold2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

God of War 4 or Heavenly Sword 2 i'll gladly take both :)

Edit : Just had me thinking, how about Heavenly Sword for PS Vita what do you guys think?

remanutd552378d ago

that would be superb news for me!!!

t0mmyb0y2378d ago

Damn right. I Loved Heavenly Sword. I would like an Enslaved sequel as well :D

DeadlyFire2378d ago

I am 99% sure that this announcement in Heavenly Sword PS3/PS4/PSVita related. Well with 2013 so close we can't count out that new platform.

SoundGamer2378d ago

Too bad Nariko died at the end of HS.

I would still love a sequel though.

Sithlord-Gamble2378d ago

Way to spoil the game for those that still havent played it!

SoundGamer2378d ago


It's five years since the game came out. I think the statute of limitations for spoilers has long passed.

Kaos_Vll2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

still no reason for you to be a dick. Not everyone has played it and there was NO reason for you to put that spoiler in other to be a dick so congrats, you hit your target.

over 50 comments and you are the only one that wants to be a dickhead and ruin the ending for others. you knew what you were doing when you typed it.

you could have very well just posted the last sentenced and been done, but nope you wanted to play the dickhead, so congrats again dickhead.

ThatMiamiGuy2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )


The main comment said that he would like to see another game with Nariko in it. Obviously because of the events in the first game, that will not happen. Thus his response.

This isn't the first time a person talks about what happens in a game. Especially years after the game has come out. I'm absolutely sure you have talked about games and what happens in the game without saying "OMG SPOILERZZZZZ DONT READZ!"

If people reading this thread assume a Heavenly Sword 2 is coming and have not yet played the game, obviously they were not very interested in playing it in the first place.

Let's say the game does indeed turn out to be HS 2. Don't you think even a trailer would address what happened in the first game? Yeah. Most games do. So you would have been "spoiled" anyway.

While you may not agree with how the topic was replied to, your language is uncalled for, and immature. So congratulations on being a hypocrite.

SoundGamer2378d ago

@Kaos and others upset:

I apologize. My comment above was not meant to be a spoiler at all. I suppose I wasn't thinking.

In my mind, it just wasn't a spoiler especially after so long. I myself do not like spoilers and I always refrain from talking about them. For instance, I just saw The Avengers a few days ago and several people have asked me online about the story. Out of respect for those who do not want any spoilers, I refrained from saying anything at all.

It wasn't meant to be a spoiler and I'm sorry it ruined your chances of playing the game.


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ThatMiamiGuy2378d ago

If another Heavenly Sword game comes out, I would rather it's not with the same characters. The first game kind of closed that story.

But I did love that game so I would love to see what new direction they took the IP!

Kaos_Vll2378d ago

so should I just post the ending of every game I've played as well as the many movies I've seen over the years because everyone else should have seen/played them when I did?

I've held on to HS for 4 yrs now unplayed and unopen in hopes that trophy support would come someday. How am a hypocrite in doing so?

I'm a gamer, I would NEVER discuss something as big as the end of a game unless it's a spoiler thread. He could have inserted those very words before typing what he typed, giving the reader enough time to stop reading his comment, but he didn't.

As I said, he knew EXACTLY what he was doin and there is no excusing such rude manners, which is why I responded in similar fashion.

I'm a grown man, who are you to tell me how to speak to another? I'll talk down to anyone I deem fit for such abuse as to get my point across clear as day. Got it?

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life doomer2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

on the back of the american boxart it says "beyond revenge lies redemtion." So, I hope this is true.

core_52379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Look at this photo montage, Cover background and teasers Background almost the same.

Tyre2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

This could well be the case... Heavenly Sword 2 given the Santa Monica treat...imagine CGI quality graphics of GOW3 and better gameplay. I Hope Anna Torv will be in there again, she is great! IMDB says there is a new CGI animation movie of Heavenly Sword in the works...the release could coincide with this game.

Daver2378d ago

Nice find, its the same cover background could very possible that it is Heavenly sword 2. We will find out in few days.

SuperLupe2379d ago

Yeah I would prefer a HS2 rather than a GOW4.