Prototype 2 - 8 Reasons it will be Awesome

While Prototype 2 has made it to the top of the must buy list through process of elimination, it is shaping up to be awesome, and here are eight reasons why:

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StrongMan2378d ago

There's no inFamous this year so Prototype 2 might get noticed.

Fylus2378d ago

Unless Sucker Punch pulls a sneaky sucker punch on it;)

palaeomerus2378d ago

Prototype outsold inFamous and inFamous 2 sold less than the original did.

Fylus2378d ago

Prototype was also multiplatform.

(Also, don't mind the bad pun^^^)

Regent_of_the_Mask2378d ago

Prototype 2 won't be awesome at all. You're forced to use a new uninteresting character now.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2378d ago


Prototype 2 won't be awesome at all. You're forced to use a YET ANOTHER uninteresting character.

Fixed it 4 ya :b

Godchild10202378d ago

You might not be interested in the new character, like I wasn't interested in Alex Mercer from the first one. I can't wait to play this one with the new character. A sergeant who wants to seek revenge on Alex for getting his family killed and infecting him with the virus. 

Heller has a reason to seek revenge not just for him, but for his family. I guess you can say he seeks redemption and closure. 

I just hope the story is worth the excitement I have for it. This is coming from someone that didn't like the first one nor remember much of it.

wedgie2378d ago

That was a nice ad for the game...Not that excited myself. When inFamous 1 and Prototype 1 came out, I played both. And personally really enjoyed infamous much more. The character was more relatable, I like the good and evil paths, etc. etc.

For me, Prototype was just kind of boring after a while. It was fun being indestructible, but then the challenge was lost. Also the city was boring and very much the same. And I did not like Alex Mercer very much as a character. The game just sort of turned me off. Yeah, "cool powers and gore" but there was no other substance to really draw me in.

So I have been reading about Prototype 2, keeping an eye on it, and already leaning towards no. The character is supposed to be a good guy, a military soldier, etc. who now lost all of his morals and is going to try to kill everyone he can see. Awesome. Oh, and its the same city again...sigh

SnotyTheRocket2378d ago

The Red Zone is the same, the other two are different.

WeskerChildReborned2378d ago

People need to stop comparing InFamous and Prototype. Yea so what if they are both superhero games but the difference is their not the same thing. InFamous and Prototype both have their pros and cons. Both great games IMO. Looking forward to Prototype 2.

HacSawJimThugin2378d ago

Pack leader ability...that shit kray!!!

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