Rumor: EA to lay off 500-1000 employees

Poor sales and huge marketing budgets blamed for the job cuts.

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Bercilak2375d ago

Perhaps if EA spent less money marketing unfinished, craptacular games and instead spent it on studios so they could actually finish their games--koff koff Bioware--their sales might reflect that fact and people would get to keep their jobs.

TekoIie2375d ago

This is true. I'm sure i read somewhere that they sent 4mil copies to retailers WW and so far i think they've only sold 1mil???

Maybe if the extended cut which is coming out (which will hopefully give the closure many want) could have increased those sales had it been on the disc.

Psychotica2375d ago

Well maybe try being innovative instead of spewing out the same thing all the time (e.g Madden). I do feel sorry for the folks losing their job, that really sucks..

Kurylo3d2375d ago

madden is probably the reason they have so many jobs.. it makes money. Cant really fault them on that.

Captain Qwark 92375d ago

well maybe instead of b*tching and whining about innovation you could buy the games that are orignal and innovative then they will make more. the problem lies with the consumers not ea, when they make something new nobody buys it...

original games...
dantes inferno
dead space
kingdom of amalur
mirrors edge
army of two

thats just in the last couple years ( prob missed something else too ) and while some did get sequels, none of the game sold as well as they should have, they may or may not be the best in their genres but they are def all very good games which few people bought. instead they were doing what you are now, whining over a lack of something new and innovative even though its there, you just dont buy it....

TekoIie2375d ago

I love DS and KOA but all the games you mentioned (excluding Mirrors edge) were based off another game or inspired by another... So i would hardly call them innovative but all are very good games.

Captain Qwark 92375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )


yes they all have inspirations but there isnt much like them on the market. dead space is one of the few true survival horror games left, mirrors is orignal and innovative, dantes inferno is just a very good game and still a new ip at the very least. and army of two, solid game and very heavy co-op which other than re5, not much like it.

i could also add ssx to that list and while it is a sequel, ridernet is pretty awesome and the deadly decents are innovative and amazing.

oh and battlefield 3. it may play very similar to the last games but at least they took the time and money to upgrade the engine

my main point here being, ea is not the monster everyone here tries to make them out to be. yes they may shaft people with dlc ( not as bad as capcom though ) but acting like they are just shoveling out the same nonsense like activision does is ridiculous. 4 years ago, maybe. but they have really stepped it up in recent years and have pretty consistently delivered some very high quality games. and yet despite all this, guys like the one i commented on continue to trash them and are likely the ones not buying any of these newer titles and then whining when they dont want to spend time/money on new things

Psychotica2375d ago

I bought every one of those games except dantes inferno..

ginsunuva2375d ago

They tried innovative ideas but they just weren't that good of games. It doesn't matter if a game is innovative if it's not good.

EA could've put more support behind it. Instead they release some mediocre games that they think are super innovative, then sells poorly, and they assume it was the innovation that no one liked.

Sucitta2375d ago

army of two was a good game? please take that back..

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jaymart2k2375d ago

Battlefield 3,SSX would like a word with ya.

Activision is the one who doesn't give a shit. They keep putting out the same shit every year.

EA takes risk & more then alot of companies so stfu.

Tai_Kaliso2375d ago

Those employees are gonna part with that ol' EA saying, Get the f%&$ outta my building.

Gotta love EA, the worst company in America!

glopez2375d ago

Somehow used games will get the blame for this!

phantomexe2375d ago

EA just posted there best year ever, in there company history which ended in march for them. It's april now seems alittle premature to talk to say this article is a lie and rumor it will stay. BTW guys i didn't enjoy M3 ending ether but the rest of the game was great and hateing bioware for one bad ending doesnt make them a bad company. I can't wait for more dlc for it and hey if you don't want dlc don't pay for it but i'd bet most of you will.

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