Nicalis says Wii U is Nintendo’s most powerful console, will be on the market for 5-10 years, more

Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez has offered high praise for the Wii U.

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ElementX2380d ago

LOL, Nintendo's most powerful console. Of course it is! It's the newest.

egidem2380d ago

It's actually funny because no one knows what specs the Wii U has. Ninty hasn't shed a light on this subject, and it's keeping the rest of us in the guessing loop.

Perhaps they'll clear this up at E3? It's like as if they're telling us "Specifications of a console are absolutely not important. What matters is that it'll be powerful and people will buy it."

MaxXAttaxX2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I remember when they first unveiled the Wii U, Reggie kept avoiding questions regarding any specs and details regarding the system itself by saying "it's just a box". And to this day we don't know much at all.

Nintendo is trying to sell us the controller more than the system itself.
It may be the most powerful console at the moment until the next PlayStation and Xbox systems next year(?).

Hisiru2380d ago

Yeah, or maybe he was talking about all the features and not just the power processor/ram/gpu?

Perhaps he is stating that the features in this console makes this thing the most powerful Nintendo console.

Hard to say..

DeadlyFire2380d ago

Well bottom line worst cast scenario specwise for Nintendo = this. Power7 weakest CPUs offer 4 cores and 4 threads per core = to 16 threads. Lets say Nintendo locks out some threads or a core for their OS or something. Still leaves 12 threads available. GPU wise its from the 4000 series AMD CPUs. 46xx/47xx series most likely. Even so produces graphics at 1080 with playable 30+ fps on a PC even on a game like Crysis 2. Just type 4670 Crysis 2 on Youtube and watch. RAM wise 1GB is bottom line but under what I would suspect, but most likely the case if Nintendo skimps.

Even at the weakest possible specs the WiiU looks like a HD gaming PC of 2012 capable of running every game engine that currently exists on the market.

FlameBaitGod2380d ago

Wait what! are you telling me they found better technology ? I mean the wii only released on November 19, 2006. In 5 years they found better hardware? NO FKING WAY!

badz1492380d ago

isn't this common sense already? and saying that it's Ninty's most powerful console really isn't saying enough considering how weak the Wii is this gen!

donman12380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

This is the first time Nintendo is making major improvements in so many areas at the same time. Plus, DeadlyFire said it best, even if Nintendo take the less of the tech already said to be in the Wii U (CPU, GPU and total memory)... The Wii U will be a very powerful console. Check out the video from this link. This guy clearly knows what he is talking about.

So I still laugh when to this day there are articles still with this stupid notion that the Wii U is not even on par with PS3. So Laughable.

avenger.avrs2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Yea that's what I thought. But what if he means the biggest leap in between Nintendo consoles? For example like a bigger leap than the 64 to the Gamecube...

Lyle912380d ago

That's the only thing that makes sense.

Raiz2380d ago

these bullies are just trying to creat a massive HYPE before the launch of Wii U.....
this new console will be The BIGGEST FAILURE in Nintendo HISTORY.... and the best example for this is the E3 2011 reveal of Wii U where Nintendo themself looked totally confused about Wii U....

egidem2380d ago

So did some of us when Sony launched at $599, with few games and late on the market while the competition (Microsoft) was available for less with awesome games. But look where we are now - Sony managed to turn the boat around and they brought in many awesome and huge exclusives (and counting) that I've had the opportunity to own and play.

The point being, it's too early to start speculating let alone predict Ninty's future failures - we don't know the specs of the device hell, we don't even know it's launch price!

ZeroG192379d ago

Exactly why i didnt get a ps3 at launch but until last year because of multiplatform,the exclusives, and online. Sony made progress!

KeiserSosay47882380d ago

YOU are what's wrong with the gaming industry...
No one even knows the specs for the machine. Yet, it "will be the biggest failure in Nintendo history." How do you know this? Because consumers are confused? I think not. All it will take is a new Zelda/Mario game in 1080p with great visuals to sell the console to Nintendo fans. Btw, I'm not saying I agree with having so many Zelda/Mario games, I'm just saying that it's next to impossible for a new console from a HUGE REPUTABLE company like Nintendo to be the biggest failure in their history.

DeadlyFire2380d ago

Surprised me to see such a bad presentation for WiiU, but that doesn't mean that the console will fail just because of one bad pitch. All the talk of Used games being locked down and so on with other two consoles Nintendo could have massive gains if other two competitors create problems for consumers.

Starbucks_Fan2380d ago

WELL NO S***. The Zelda demo looked 5 times better than Super Mario Galaxy 2!

PopRocks3592379d ago

I think Skyward Sword would be better in terms of a comparison. But yes, I agree.

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