Barcade: Beer, Quarters and Classic Games

Have you dreamt of a place where you could enjoy a good brew while playing games in an arcade-like setting? That magical place exists and it's called "Barcade". There’s Frogger, Mrs. Pacman, Centipede, Galaga and alcohol.

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Snookies122467d ago

No Grand Theft Auto 5? No God of War 4? No Uncharted 4? No thanks... This obviously doesn't live up to the standards I've come to expect... Lol!

I'm kidding, this is pretty cool though, I just wish we'd have some newer arcade games like Japan has. Their arcades are amazing! *sigh* If only America was as amazing as Japan...

BuffMordecai2467d ago

Yeah, the arcade scene just kind of died out since the rise of the home console.

Emilio_Estevez2467d ago

That's really cool. I'd go to one of those if it was around me.

V0LT2467d ago

I can see Arcades coming back.. but in another type of form one day...

SKUD2467d ago

I don't think you want to mix people who can't control there video game rage and alcohol. Sounds like a upcoming episode of the First 48.

callahan092467d ago

Have you been to a Barcade? I live by the one in Jersey City and meet up with my buddy there every Wednesday or Thursday. There's no gamer rage at Barcade, and there's signs up that tell you not to yell at or hit the games or you will be kicked out. I've been there over 50 times and I've never, ever seen anybody behave poorly. The atmosphere is fun and casual and it's just a really great bar to hang out.

callahan092467d ago

Nice little article. I've been frequenting the Jersey City Barcade for about a year. I go just about once a week. Great place.