5 Multiplayer FPS Games To Get Excited About (other than COD)

Aside from the obvious annual COD release, what other shooters should you be excited about?

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Intentions2403d ago


There's a high chance that I will be getting all of these, or at least get to play all of em (by borrowing etc).

dazzrazz2403d ago

Borderlands 2 because 4 players co op and maybe CS as a arcade title, rest does not interest me at all,

R1CAN6172403d ago

Aliens,Halo 4 & Farcry 3!

DrPepper2403d ago

aliens is gonna be dope

Dugstar2403d ago

Not sure what the fascination is with the Halo series now but out of all of them I would/will most likely get Borderlands 2...

Borderlands 1 could have been so much more but hopefully they have took all the feedback and done good with it...

Rhythmattic2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Dust 514... will be interesting..

Kingdom Come2403d ago

The concept is fantastic but the actual game looks somewhat unpolished. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong...

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