Journey Fails To Take Top Spot On Famitsu PSN Best 10

While Journey may be the fastest selling PSN title worldwide, it failed to reach the top spot on the Japanese Store.

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Dante1122380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I thought it didn't do as good going off of the article's summary. Number two spot isn't so bad. Was this article necessary lol?

Nitrowolf22380d ago

that title is most def. not needed. It's like they are saying the games a failure because it's in the second top highest spot for last month.
yea okay

NewMonday2380d ago

it is the top PS3 PSN game, the first one is for the PSP it has a bigger market in Japan

Kran2378d ago

Yes. Yes it was. For hits.

NastyLeftHook02379d ago

the word journey and the word fails do not belong in the same sentence.

360GamerFG2379d ago

Journey fails to disappoint. . .got you there don't I?

Cryptcuzz2378d ago

U totally got me there! I was in the midst of typing; "Man! eff this freakin guy, how can he say such blasphemy!"

then re-read it a second time before submitting and face palmed myself LOL.

In all seriousness, this is BS and was clearly submitted for undeserving hits.

ginsunuva2378d ago

No. That's implying that Journey was somewhat expected to disappoint.

SephirothX212378d ago

I'll be buying it soon once I'm finished the games I'm currently playing. Such excellent work should be supported!

MysticStrummer2378d ago

Title of Article Fails to Make Me Read Article

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