Next-Box? Not Right Now, Thanks.

Tom, GamerEuphoria writes: "Personally, I’m not that excited about a new Xbox (or any other console for that matter), and while the Wii U may be launching later this year with the promise of innovation and change, I’m not interested in picking up any new consoles for a while. Not surprisingly, I was happy to hear that Microsoft finally denounced any notion of a new Xbox hitting shelves this year, or indeed getting a look in at this year’s E3."

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mochachino2381d ago

I'd love one right now, this gen has been great but it's gone on long enough, I need 60 FPS and no jaggies on consoles.

decrypt2381d ago

"I need 60 FPS and no jaggies on consoles"

Lol, but MS and Sony dont agree with you :P and since you are limited to their decisions on whats best for you... there is nothing you can really do about it rofl, just like the rest of the console gamers.

Droid Control2381d ago

Oh come on!

This gen has gone on WAY too long already. I'm stick of these stupid articles. Happy with your 7 year old 360? Great, go play it. I'm not.

dazzrazz2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Economy is weak I doubt Microsoft will risk putting new console in next 2 yrs for $500 (or whatever the price will be)@ retail (just to have it there sitting and not selling)... and I doubt some people are willing to spend that amount of money instead putting food on their table. In my case it will be reliability factor, because as of now im on my 5th xbox since launch :D

BitbyDeath2381d ago

Economy is a myth spread by the media. Spending less causes businesses to go out of business. Your income doesn't change, just what you do with it does.

Fat Onion2380d ago

@ BitbyDeath

.... So people loosing their jobs does not cause their income to change? So businesses don't loose any income when they are surrounded by more jobless people?

T9002380d ago

@fat onion

Yes people have lost jobs, however check the recent US data. US seems to be on its way to recovery. Many jobs have recovered.

Also note even at its worst point, unemployment in the US was never above 9%, which means 91% of the population is still employed. Hence as long as that employed population is getting their salaries, its only the media creating a fear in the peoples mind.

Even when we were in a boom in the US, unemployment was still around 5-6%, so really the recession has only cause 3-4% of the population to go unemployed. While that is a bad thing. I do feel its the media that has cause more of a fear among the employed population.

LightofDarkness2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Dazz: none of that has stopped people queuing up outside Apple Stores for days so they can fork over $600+ for the next shiny thing. "Quo vadis" springs to mind, but I'd sooner put my money into something like a next generation Xbox than an iPad that I'll never use. I'm sure there are more than enough like minded folks (and rich kids whose parents have more money than disciplinary skills) to make sure a new Xbox/PS console has a favourable launch.

Plus, many of the people that lost jobs were in income brackets that were far less likely to spend money on frivolous items like videogame consoles, i.e. frugality-minded, so that market hasn't been as affected as you might think (it has to a degree, however).

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Megaton2381d ago

Get out the way, roadblock. 7 years is long enough.

synchroscheme2381d ago

Newer tech isn't gonna wait around for consoles. But if they'd like to keep using 7 year old hardware, then that's their business.

leogets2381d ago

Itll come out pricey when it does thoe.may aswell wait till the slim is out and the hardware bugs are fixed lmao

Perjoss2380d ago

Personally I like the buzz of early adopting. Besides, its good to know from first hand experience what is good or bad instead of wondering if all the praise or criticism is true and not just fanboyism or trolls.

Make up your own mind :)

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