Tech-Gaming Podcast 10-5: Prinnies and Pinball

This week DeagleEagle, Samurage, BlueSwim and guest co-host Jeremy “The Lawman” LaMont offer impressions on Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, The Pinball Arcade, Fez, Diablo 3, Skullgirls, Army Corps of Hell, the PS Vita version of LEGO Harry Potter: year 5-7, as well as blow their collective tops once more over the profanity-provoking Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Beyond offering some Commodore trivia to commemorate the life and work of Jack Tramiel, as well as offering responses to listener questions, we also welcome FarSight Studio’s Bobby King, who is on hand to offer an engaging and in-depth discussion of The Pinball Arcade.

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sharpsword2429d ago

Sounds like a good show. It's been a few weeks!

deserteaglexix2429d ago

Let me know what you think of the intro. ;)

madmad2429d ago

I'll listen to the Pinball Arcade interview.

RaptorMan2429d ago

I'm waiting on a Army Corps of Hell price drop. S-E games always drop like rocks.

CharmingMan2429d ago

Sounds like a good show. Lots of stuff.