Up to $30 Off PlayStation Vita On

PSLS: has lowered the price on the PlayStation Vita… at least the First Edition Bundles and the 3G models.

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core_52379d ago

Amazon Germany sold the WiFi-Version incl. a 8GB Memory Card an Uncharted for only 219 Euro.

MastaMold2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

If you got the cash go for it well worth it

Batzi2379d ago

I bought mine this past friday and it should arrive tomorrow hopefully! :-)

TooTall192379d ago

Congrats. The system is awesome, and you will have to tinker around with it for a while to figure out all the cool things. Be sure to choose a panel.

killa916062379d ago

is it bad that the vita could not sell out its first edition bundles, or do they use it as a market gimmick and say its a first edition and keep reproducing it?

TooTall192379d ago

It didn't sell well because people knew they had a better bundle available one week later. The first edition became obsolete after the first week.