PSVita Homebrew: Updated VHBL For Everybody's Tennis

Even though there is no new homebrew compatibility, I’m sure this will be a welcome update for those of you who are using this exploit.

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TheGamingArt3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Reported for breaking the rules. You seriously shouldn't support CRACKING (also incorrectly known as HACKING). Period.

tachy0n3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

i only quoted what was on the site.... go figure it out.

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Krew_923941d ago

VHBl has nothing to do with free games.

This supports homebrew, such as Wagic and Lamecraft. It doesn't let your run free games.

People need to learn that Homebrew is not piracy.

TheGamingArt3941d ago

People need to learn that cracking open a device ALWAYS leads to piracy. Homebrew also leads to piracy. Also, Homebrew on devices like this = usually illegal things. You have to break agreements and illegally break into code to do it.

Krew_923941d ago

It may lead to that, but that program literally doesn't even let you run piracy.

If everyone thought like you everything would be closed down.

hkgamer3941d ago

Very true... Homebrew always leads to piracy, even though two maybe unrelated, homebrew methods to crack a system will be used to crack the system to play pirated games.

Sony has always tried to support homebrew in some way but with the PSP and PS3, it kinda screwed them over.

GribbleGrunger3941d ago

i think we should use things like this and then when devs don't support the Vita because of piracy (just like the PSP) we can just laugh at the fools. why do people advocate piracy and then complain their system doesn't get supported? wake up people for GODS sake