Star Wars: The Old Republic Suddenly Gets its First Live Event: Rakghouls Invade Tatooine

Business seemed to have started as usual this morning in the Galaxy far, far away, but it was not to be. Terminals on the Republic and Empire fleets are spreading the news of a Rakghoul outbreak on Tatooine and of the subsequent travel ban.

Of course, when the news say saw that going to a certain location is strictly forbidden, any adventurer worth his salt will jump to hyperspace ad go there on the double.

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joab7772376d ago

See, bioware is still good at what they do. They may still have the ability to give us what we want. Well done, well done.

pandehz2376d ago

This is some good stuff. Tho I stopped playing it due to time constraints it still was a dam good mmo.

Stuff like this just makes it that much more awesome