What the real GTA 5 villain needs

InEnt writes: If you’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto games for years then you’ll know how much fun it can be to just do nasty things you’d never dream of doing in the real world. Call it a release or just acting out, running around killing everyone can be great fun even if it’s not in the games original design, but how can GTA 5 improve to give these villains even more freedom when compared to the previous games?

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danswayuk2378d ago

Improved customization is needed for GTA 5.

Solid_Snake372378d ago

Agreed, but not too much customization. We don't want another Saints Row game

GamingManiac2378d ago

SanAndreas had it perfect imo...

Solid_Snake372378d ago


Exactly, SA had the perfect customization... From cars to the main character

Persistantthug2378d ago

cars with guns mounted on the side.....that did sound more like Saints Row.

farhad2k82377d ago

I want to be able to customize my cars more than San Andreas, and this time around, also customize the houses you live in!!
Hopefully, we can buy any house, like San Andreas. That would be nice.

GTA V has the chance to be amazing, so I hope Rockstar doesn't disappoint! :D

Unlimax2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I would love to see Controller cheats without a mobile phone like the usual old series .. !

After The completion of Achievements for sure ~

ginsunuva2378d ago

I want that annoying cell phone gone. Or at least make it an easy-to-navigate smartphone. And let's hope the protagonist can afford internet this time so we don't have to go to the lame internet cafe every fking day to play lame dating crap. Wo at R* thought of that idea?

Persistantthug2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Also, the nicer apartment near Central Park had a laptop.

GTRrocker2378d ago

The Internet wasn't even a significant part of the game. You only had a couple of missions that even required it.