Leaked Crysis 3 Screen Shot Reveals Setting and Enemies, Crysis 2 Double XP Weekend Ends Monday

MP1st - Only a few days ago, the boxart for Crytek’s upcoming AAA shooter sequel, Crysis 3, was leaked to the public. Today, we catch an even better glimpse at the protagonist, the setting and the enemies that players will be facing in this direct sequel to 2011′s Crysis 2.


Tiago Sousa, Principle R&D Graphics Programmer at Crytek, has claimed the leaked screen shot to be "some fake fan image." Looks like we'll have to wait for Crytek's big announcement for official confirmation.

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chidesd3948d ago

Hope crysis 3's multiplayer runs better at a higher resolution on ps3 this time around.

TekoIie3948d ago

I hope its multiplayer isnt a wannabe COD... Devs need to get it into their heads that copying COD doesnt make their game better. It just makes me less willing to play it for 2 reasons:

1: If i wanted to play COD i would go and buy it.
2: COD isnt the best game to copy for 1 simple reason. What works in COD doesnt seem to work in other games like UAV and gunship in Crysis 2.

Ashunderfire863948d ago

Dude I agree with you 100 percent, Crysis 2 is a mix of Call of Duty and Halo together(Still got an good online community from the PC version). Still like Crysis 2, especially when they finally fix the enemy A.I.!!! And part 1 was better. Crysis 3 day one for me on PC, just hope they do something different with the campaign and the multiplayer. Lets hope they don't copy Call of Duty and Halo. Also I don't want to hear that Crytek developer dissing out other games, claiming that Crysis 2 is better than those other shooters when its a carbon copy of them. That guy has a lot to make up for this!!!! Cause Crysis 2 was buggy at launch, and it took them long to put DirectX 11, and improving A.i.

StraightPath3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Lets all hope Crysis 3 is more like Crysis 1...Crysis 2 was a huge dissapointment for me. Felt like a downgrade from the original game. Since it is again in new york..i really hope it is not linear like Crysis 2 this time...

Tyre3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

@StraightPath Of course it will be a mixture of jungle and city environments...totally openworld sandbox(vertically/horizontal) .
More possibilities/better climbing/sneaking.
It will be and correction of the errors made in Crysis 2 and an improvement on the better things from Crysis 2/Crysis 1. Expect Non-linear story and roaming.

ps360s3947d ago

I think they rushed out No.2 for the consoles.

Anyways here's hoping this will give me memories liek the first 1.

The first 1 was good but not enough people get to experience it fully.

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Kahvipannu3948d ago

I might add I hope they will this time put effort to get the PC-version as it should be AT LAUNCH.

It's ok if they want to port for consoles, good, more gamers can enjoy the game, but not at the expense of the PC-version, where Crysis shines...

Tyre3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

@Kahvipannu They will. Crytek is not stupid.

Kahvipannu3947d ago

Yeah, I'm not saying they are stupid, but seeing how they dealed with C2 and PC-port, yes, PC port, I believe when I see it. Lot's of devs who made theyr ground on PC have fallen in this nonsense, like Epic..

I sure do hope they will deliver, for the sake of themselves, and the PC-players.

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KingOptimus1013948d ago

I knew they were going to leak a screenshot the day before.

KingOptimus1013948d ago

Really disagrees because I said "I knew they were going to leak a screenshot the day before." Really

ChocalateDog2033948d ago

Is anyone else disappointed it's set in New York again? I was kind of hoping for another setting but oh well, the game will prolly still be damn fun.

ginsunuva3948d ago

Yeah, I mean at the end of C2 it showed [SPOILERS] the planet getting owned by aliens all over in every country. And we just saved New York.

So why the hell are we just stuck in New York again? Reusing assets Crytek?

brettyd3948d ago

NYC is a very boring setting IMO.

jaymart2k3948d ago

Agree, how many times already times has a game been set in New York?


Mrmagnumman3573947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Definitely agree, their are other cities! What about London, its a great looking city, and has the 5th highest GDP in the world. Or maybe Chicago which has the 4th highest GDP, and has one of the top 3 skylines in the world. These are both world class mega cities that are in the top 5 most powerful cities in the world. I would mention Tokyo and Hong Kong, but it seems like Crytek is trying to keep the setting in America or close to America

HeavenlySnipes3948d ago

On the other hand, they have all the assets from Crysis 2, so now they can create a larger more open environments this time around

MrBeatdown3948d ago

That's what I'm thinking. I think they are doing NYC again because they think their is more they can do with it. They were able to do open environments on PS3 and 360 since they managed to port Crysis 1, so I'd be surprised if they didn't try for a middle ground of sorts between 1 and 2.

Mister_V3948d ago

They did a good job of creating a varied NYC setting in Crysis 2 but I think we've definitely had enough of NYC in games in general. I'd love if maybe a third of it was set in the city, just to see the aftermath of Crysis 2, then the other parts set somewhere more lush. Maybe even more snow levels'd be cool. Also, I think more forested and mountainous areas is something we haven't really seen in a Crysis game yet. Something like Skyrim perhaps?

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torchic3948d ago



tachy0n3948d ago

isn't it pathetic that i got disagrees just for saying cryengine 4?

PS4OUR3948d ago

I imagine bigger setpieces and a bigger sense of scale of the battle. Though a global war in locations like London, Paris and even the great pyramids of Giza for the final battle that leaves the ancient wonders of egypt in total ruin would be awesome. Kinda like that transformers scene but on steroids filled with the world armies against the biggest and baddest aliens.

Kahvipannu3948d ago

Kinda hurts me to say this, but I really doubt anything like this will be in it, since they will make the game with console limitations.. :/

If just a PC game, they could go and do the same as they did with Crysis 1, stretch the PC-platform..

SilentNegotiator3947d ago

"If just a PC game, they could go and do the same as they did with Crysis 1"

.....port it? Because Crysis 1 is ON consoles, you know. And the console versions turned out pretty decently.

You could blubber about the nanosuit change, but that's Crytech's fault for not using controls creatively to fit the original content, not consoles' fault.

Kahvipannu3947d ago

I'm not talking about gameplay decisions, but technical aspects. Crysis two was pretty good game imo, I had no problems with nanosuit changes. Crysis one is now on consoles, yes, but it's an old PC-game, and it's 2012. Crysis could go crazy and stretch the hardware with C3, and by that I mean PC-hardware. Now they have to work with limitation of console, that just limits what there can be onscreen, and how much there can be stuff at time in the game, so that won't happen.

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