"It Blows Every Other Away" Jack Wall's Favorite Mass Effect Piece

Jack Wall is responsible for the amazing soundtracks that feature in the Mass Effect trilogy.

In an interview, he revealed that Uncharted Worlds is his favorite Mass Effect Piece, “Today it’s still my favorite piece of all the pieces in uh in Mass Effect.”

During the interview he also explains how he spent the first six months in Mass Effect alone and as time went on he knew he would need help; so he put together a team.

What was you favorite Mass Effect Piece? Let us know.

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Cajun Chicken2404d ago

Yes. That one's a true masterpiece.

TGF_Zero2404d ago

I agree I also think the Illusive Man Theme was brilliant.

sinzyd2404d ago

My favorite one is the Suicide mission theme.

sinzyd2404d ago

That is arguably the best theme ever created for any video game

TGF_Zero2404d ago

I also like the Suicide mission theme it is Epic

Wumbo2404d ago

The theme "VIRGIL" from mass effect 1 blows away every piece in recent gaming.

2401d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.