Project Triforce to Release Gears Torque Bow

Carly writes:

"If you haven’t heard of Project Triforce, what rock have you been living under? They are the geniuses behind some of the best replica gaming weapons ever seen. Gears of War fans have been treated to the C.O.G. Snub pistol, the Hammerburst II, Lancer, and Marcus Fenix bust. Now Gears fans can start saving those pennies because Project Triforce will be releasing a Torque Bow sometime in the future. It’s still too early for an exact release date but I can promise it will be a “must have” addition to your Gears of War collection."

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_Aarix_2378d ago

Shut up and take my money!

H2OAcidic2378d ago

I was just the same way! Should I pay them in singles or write a check?! >.<