Proof that PC gaming is Cheaper than Staying with your Console

Play Vault's Phil:

"Since I bought a gaming PC a while back, I have been met with people saying that they could never get into it because of the sheer price of making the swap. Since becoming a PC gamer however, things could not be more different. I have in fact found it in ways cheaper than console gaming and by writing this article I aim to prove this."

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StayStatic2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

True indeed , PC gaming is cheaper in Bulk , but if you do both PC and Console gaming its even worse :P

xAlmostPro2376d ago

This specifically picks the xbox.

This is not the case for PS3 or wii even.

No XBL cost and i personally have spent nowhere near £200 on accessories for my ps3 :/

I should note i'm a PS3/PC guy(so for me personally it's worse like StayStatic says)

h311rais3r2376d ago

Did you forget ps+ which I use? It's just as expensive as live but you can't get it as cheap as a live card.

jimbobwahey2376d ago

PS+ is entirely optional and not required to play games online like XBL Gold is. Also PS+ subscriptions save you money with all the discounts and free games that you get, so trying to compare the two isn't sensible.

The_ElderRat2376d ago

In my defence, over the course of 5 years, £200 is quite reasonable in my opinion with the list of accessories I prompted in the article. I have got through 5 controllers over the past 3 years which is around £160 in itself.

xAlmostPro2376d ago

@hellraiser i won't even respond to that.

@The_ElderRat Maybe i've went through less accessories wise for my ps3 because i also use PC.

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Gamer19822376d ago

They fail as they pick Xbox. Live itself is a waste of money. Sure its a decent service but its got nothing on PC's services that come for FREE. PS3 also offers a similar almost as good service for free. Don't get me wrong PC gaming is cheaper and better but he's trying too hard here. Than again 360 is the biggest selling next gen console in US and no doubt the writer is American.

cheesus2376d ago

The costing is done in pounds. Probably not American.

Baka-akaB2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Yes and no , cheaper in the long run , but still expensive upfront .
You also didnt even need to pick a 360 and cheaply use an rather large extra fee for the online . At least for the purpose of the comparison , not when there are consoles without such fee .

And it's dishonest to pretend the regular joe doesnt have a tv and would buy a monitor for the console .

You randomly add a cost for console accessories , without detailling what it even is .

Last i checked all you need as a start is the pad .

That's already 600£ added to the console cost that feels arbitrary and with little basis

decrypt2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

You could make a 500usd PC upfront that will run circles around a console. Hence the difference really isnt a mountain to begin with.

If you already have a PC, which is even 4-5years old dual core all it needs is a GPU to outperform consoles. Most people already have PCs at home. Getting a GPU is much cheaper than getting a console. Usually a GPU that significantly outperforms current consoles wont cost more than 70-100usd.

Also imagine 2 situations. A PC gamer upgrading his PC after 4-5 years, A console gamer getting a next gen console:

PC gamer gets a new rig, gets to keep all his old games, which is a saving worth thousands of USD.

Console gamer gets a new console, cant play his old games. There goes the console being cheaper upfront arguement.

I am sure any real gamer would have purchased thousands of usd worth of games so far this gen. Not to mention all the stuff bought on XBL or PSN, no gaurantees that will work either with the next box.

I think console gamers under estimate how much cheaper PC versions of games are upfront. If you buy games from sites that sell CD keys, at launch day it self, games that sell for 60usd on PC are available for as little as 35usd from such sites, while the console counterparts still sell for 60usd. Add in the constant Steam and D2D discounts and it makes console gaming look like a rip off.

PixL2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Can you give me an example of that 70-100 USD GPU you're taking about? Maybe I can go out tomorrow and buy it so that BF3 in 1080p high detail on my PC becomes a reality... Last time I checked that kind of GPU was about the same price as of a console.

Also, don't you know that sites which sell keys to games are illegal? Their keys come from stolen credit cards.

I can get a half-year old console game for about the same price as it's PC version on Steam, or even cheaper. The difference is - I can play and then sell it back. I can't sell anything bought on Steam.

Baka-akaB2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

"A PC gamer upgrading his PC after 4-5 years, A console gamer getting a next gen console"

None of wich is an upfront and immediate cost .

No need to repeat me that pc games and upgrades are cheaper , it's sometimes i already agree upon , hence the cheaper in the long run part .

I dont see how you wanna prance around about a rather simple fact imo... consoles machines are cheaper as an initial cost .

i'm not arguing here wich is more powerful , who runs around who , or if it aint outright better . That much is obvious

T9002376d ago


I think you need to research a bit check out this GPU, its a 6770, it will run BF3 at much better settings than a console can and yes it will do 1080p maybe not in high, but sure it will do high and medium mix:

This baby costs only 89usd, it is atleast 3 times more powerful than any console out today.

Any other game aside BF3 will be running on maximum graphics, aside DX 11 features of course which tend to be a resource hog and dont really bring much to the table in terms of graphics.

3GenGames2376d ago

I don't see the factor of parts needed from upgrade from a PC made to run (Year) to (Year+4) games, as that'll be a few more hundred.

T9002376d ago

You really dont need to be upgrading year to year, unless you have money to burn.

While i do have a monster rig, i also have a 2 year old laptop with the following spec:

Dual core cpu 2.4ghz
HD 5870M
4 gigs ram

Those specs in desktop terms would be equal to a 5 year old high end PC. This laptop runs most games at 1080p, something which is not possible on console, since consoles run 95% of their games at 720p or below.

Since its a laptop there havent been any upgrades to it either. Hence that proves upgrades arent really needed, its a choice yes, not a requirement.

OpenGL2376d ago

Is that an MSI laptop? I don't really remember other manufacturers offering the Mobility Radeon 5870 with the Core i5 450M.

Somebody2376d ago

I've always wondered where this constant PC upgrade perception comes from. My first gaming PC was just a Pentium 3 666mhz and a Geforce 3. It wasn't until Pentium 4E rolled out that I started to upgrade again. During that time I've always hear people doing upgrades every 6-12 months while my PC stayed the same but still great at playing games. With current hardware it's even more ridiculous for us to think someone, an average gamer, out there would be upgrading every year (unless if he has tons of money to burn).

T9002376d ago


It was Sager, it was a dual core cpu with hyperthreading, so it was an I5 Cpu.

floetry1012376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

PC gaming/building has taught me more about my love for games than anything I've discovered through console gaming. Which isn't to say console gaming is bad by any means, but I take pride in knowing that I can upgrade my PC incrementally and tweak settings at will. It's just fun, even when you aren't playing the games themselves.

Of course, there's also Steam.

I bought Sniper Elite yesterday for $2.50. Not because I'm dying to play V2 or even because I was particularly interested in the series, but because it was 2 goddamn 50.

Mikhail2376d ago

Console and PC sot are dependent on a person. For consoles, don't factor in the TV cost because its normal to have a TV. For a PC, not all families have desktop nowadays as many have become accustomed to laptops and sometimes MACs. However, if you have a desktop PC already for home/work use, the cost of a gaming PC will significantly lower.

I had probably spent around $2500 for a PC+PS3+360 and some peripherals gaming setup.

GamingPerson2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Didn't this just come out a month ago?
and seeing how windows 8 is basically a light version of windows 7. Backward compatibility ups the value imo.
Since the games are already in HD no HD remakes.
Not to mention a Crap load of great looking free 2 plays like this coming!
I will probably spend $10 - $30 on in game items over a few months.

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