Big List of Game Releases - North America

We've been busy gathering info on upcoming release dates for North America spanning all the way to 2013 on a selective group of huge games. This is a living document, so keep this list bookmarked as we update it with more details and more specific time frames.

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Darkieinthemist2380d ago

that list is missing games man and has incorrect dates

Crap_Turtle2379d ago

how about pokemon conquest, agarest 2, gungir

all in june?

Outside_ofthe_Box2379d ago

You are definitely missing some games/incorrect dates. I agree with Mr.Japanaesegamesoverall for once.

Crap_Turtle2379d ago Show
morkendo232379d ago
click on new games ps3
all games up to 2013 you will find.
that list he's talking about is MISSING many games and dates.

2379d ago
Relientk772379d ago

Your list is missing Ni no Kuni, coming to PS3

O-D-C2379d ago

Gonna be another great year!

Neoprime2379d ago

I don't think I saw Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Sept, and I didn't see Virtua Fighter 5-Final Showdown for June neither.

JohnP262379d ago

You are missing Planetside 2. The game is going to be amazing.

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